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I think Alfred Eisenstaedt said it best:
“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

I love people… making them feel amazing about themselves is part of who I am and who I strive to be. There are so many subjects to photograph. I like something of everything… when I’m by myself I love to look closer…more abstract at any subject.

Wedding photography to me is an art, it’s fun and it is an opportunity to capture some of the most special memories of any couple for a lifetime. Starting out in 1992 all by accident (not that I believe it was an accident-more destiny if you ask me), I fell in love with this great way to preserve the joy, excitement and a whole bunch of other memories for two people that are so in love that they hardly can remember their own names.

My philosophy about wedding photos? Hmm...its not an add-on to your day, it’s not something that has to be done, it is as much part of the day as you waking up that morning! It must be fun, relaxing and exciting, mixed with a lot of romance, intimacy and laughter.

Why do I like wedding photography? Not one is the same, of course I sometimes use the same set-up or venue, but in the end every wedding is unique, the people, the couple, the atmosphere, the event, everything is different! It's the way it should be! Planned and unplanned, indoor or outdoor, beach or bush-veld, they are all very special, whether someone remember to bring the rings or not, it makes good photos!

I also enjoy Model photography, it is challenging, but fun, it tends to keep one’s mind very active, because you need to think, plan, interpret and at a moment’s notice change all previous planning. This part keeps it very exciting, ha ha! I like to work with experienced and inexperienced models (the latter I think, because I love working with bridal couples, and most of them have never had a formal photo shoot, so one needs to get them to enjoy the experience).

Commercial Photography is more a script, the right light, right time, right place, well basically the right everything.

I like to travel, and I think travelling is like a mosquito bite, once you start scratching… the itching gets worse!!

It is a great honour to do what I love to do and I know all the talent I have comes from the Creator, the Artist of artists, Jesus Christ Himself!

Thank you for visiting my website, hope to shoot you soon!